Compiling g++-4.1 on Ubuntu Natty Narwhal

I recently upgraded my work machine to the latest Ubuntu version (natty narwhal, 11.<something>). By and large this went smoothly. However, we require gcc/g++-4.1 , and I had neglected to verify that this was available after the upgrade. It wasn’t. So, after a few abortive attempts to install packages I found on the web and […]



Thialfi: because I haven’t already got enough to work on!

I’ve recently started making some progress on a project that I’ve wanted to do for a while now. The project, Thialfi *, fills the vacancy left in my life…indeed, in my heart…when “I Want Sandy” went offline. Sandy was something of an online digital assistant, and it (she?) probably had lots of features I never […]

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An enum for Python

The internet abounds with implementations of enumerations for Python, but I thought it might be fun to take a crack at making one. My goals were: Immutability: users shouldn’t be able to modify the value at runtime Simplicity of definition: They should be easy to define Uniqueness: Two enum values aren’t equal unless they are […]

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When I started using wmii for my window manager, I wasn’t able to find a system-resources display tool that fit my needs. There’s probably one out there, but I figured it would be more fun to write one than look very hard, and thus the linseed project was born. It amounts to a collection of […]

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ackward-0.1 is released

I’ve put out my first release of the ackward library. You can get it at the project site. “Release early, release often”, they say. This release includes mostly-complete coverage of the the uuid, logging, time, and datetime modules. There are plenty of areas that need improvement, but I felt like it was time to get […]

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PitaTranslate v12 has been unleashed

I made some decent enhancements to PitaTranslate today. The main functionality is unchanged, but I made some usability and user-friendliness changes, in particular: Remembering user language selections between sessions. The normal usage pattern is to translate between between the same two languages almost all of the time, so I added a cookie which remembers. Added […]


UTD CS goodness

It’s always fun to see UTD on the inter-webs, and even more fun when it includes my senior thesis advisor: ´╗┐

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