PitaTranslate v12 has been unleashed

I made some decent enhancements to PitaTranslate today. The main functionality is unchanged, but I made some usability and user-friendliness changes, in particular:

  • Remembering user language selections between sessions. The normal usage pattern is to translate between between the same two languages almost all of the time, so I added a cookie which remembers.
  • Added a “swap” button, much like you find in Google Translate.
  • Moved some controls around. The language selection controls are above the text window now. The text window still gets focus by default, but now if you press TAB from that window you give focus to the “translate” button. Again, this is based on what seems to be the normal pattern of use.

I’d also like to give a big thanks to the gaeutilities project. I’m using their session implementation for cookie management; it gets the job done, was easy to use, and seems solid.

As always, you can use PitaTranslate at http://pitatranslate.appspot.com. If you find any bugs, have any ideas, or whatever, the project page is at http://bitbucket.org/abingham/pitatranslate/.

  1. #1 by Joseph Bowman on 2010/12/06 - 18:13

    Thanks for the shout out. I’m the author of gaeutilities and very happy to see you’ve been using it successfully. If you have any questions feel free to file issues on the Github page = https://github.com/joerussbowman/gaeutilities

    I’m plugging away slowly at a new version of session and eventually cache that will act as decorators. This will help avoid cases I’ve seen where people initiate session twice in the same request as well as should provide a huge boost to performance.

    Thanks again, it’s actually pretty rare someone gives a thanks, I have no idea how many people actually use the library.

    • #2 by abingham on 2010/12/06 - 20:02

      Just giving credit where credit’s due. Keep up the good work 🙂

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