EuroPython 2010 video

Back in July, I attended EuroPython 2010 in Birmingham, UK. The conference was fun, similar to last year’s, though I managed to be a bit more social this time. Among other things, I got to:

  • get my fill of bagels
  • drink a lot of good, British beer
  • discuss pressing software problems at the LHC
  • chair a session
  • introduce some n00bs to karaoke

The most exciting part for me, though, was that I got to give one of the talks. I presented “Python from the Inside Out”, discussing my experiences integrating Python into some of Roxar’s existing systems. For your viewing pleasure*, I present to you the video of my presentation.

Earlier that month I also attended EuroSciPy in Paris. Perhaps I’ll touch on that in another post.

*: Not guaranteed to be pleasurable

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