What has your editor done for you lately?

Motivated by the setup of a vim user at work (a bright but clearly misguided guy), I decided to configure emacs to rebuild my active ctags file whenever I saved a buffer. This is only lightly tested, but it seems to do the trick:

; Reconstruct the active TAGS file on file save
(defun create-tags ()
  "Reconstruct the active tags file, if it's defined"
  (if (boundp `tags-file-name)
       (format "ctags -f %s -e -R %s"
               (file-name-directory tags-file-name)))))

(add-hook 'after-save-hook 'create-tags)

This probably won’t be acceptable for large projects because of the time needed to run ctags, but for small-to-medium project you probably won’t notice the hit.

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