Euler 79 is in the can

Wrote up euler 79 today. From what I see in the forums, most folks just did this one with pencil and paper. Given the nature of the problem, this makes good sense, but I felt obliged to program. In the end, my code was another brute force of the search space, so nothing too interesting there.

It is worth noting that this was my first submission (and really, my first non-trivial program) in D. D’s philosophy of taking the best parts of C++, jettisoning the bad, and adding its own set of goodness is something that really grabbed my attention. It’s also apparently catching the eyes of people like Andrei Alexandrescu, so maybe there’s something to it.

It didn’t really have to push on the language very hard for this problem, but I’m hoping that the euler problems will give me a good way to feel my way through it. I was impressed by how natural it felt. With my background in C++ and python, I was able to guess at how many things worked an I was right a good amount of the time.

With that said, the documentation for D is pretty shoddy right now. The documentation exists, but I find it hard to find what I’m looking for. Perhaps I should buy the book or shut up and do something about it.

  1. #1 by Rob Smallshire on 2009/07/27 - 22:37

    What language have you been using for your previous Euler problems?

    • #2 by abingham on 2009/07/28 - 05:28

      Up to now I’ve been using python (of course)

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