New stuff coming…but not here

This blog has been pretty quiet for a long time, but I’m starting to do some more blogging on my company’s website now. If you’re interested, you can now follow me at the Sixty North blog.

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Debugging C/C++ and CPython using GDB 7’s new Python extension support

I’ve recently been looking into ways to improve my debugging experience with mixed Python and C/C++ programs. I spend a fair amount of time working on systems built using both languages in tandem, and the tools available for debugging across the languages have historically been very limited. Often, logging and/or intimate knowledge of the Python […]

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Compiling dbus-python-1.0.0 for python3 on ubuntu…and making it work.

It took me a fair amount of time to get dbus-python-1.0.0 building and properly installing for python3 on my ubuntu system, so I figured I’d make a record of what I had to do. Note that I use the grep replacement grinĀ in this work. After unpacking the source, first configure the build with the correct […]

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lazy-slides considers getting off its lazy butt and being constructive

I’m happy to announce the first “release” of lazy-slides, an experiment in slideshow generation for lazy bums. The idea is simple: You provide a list of keywords lazy-slides finds pictures from the internet matching those keywords lazy-slides creates a presentation/slideshow from those pictures You present! Right now it’s a bit rough. The only image source […]

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parameterized-testcase 0.2 released

I’ve released parameterized-testcase 0.2. This is primarily just a documentation release, with lots of improvements to the sphinx docs. Get it here.

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ackward 0.4 is released

The 0.4 release of ackward is available now at the project site. This release is focused on the logging module. It addresses a number of design issue and defects, and the sphinx documentation for logging is much more complete. It even includes example code for much of the module.

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eproject + anything: simple emacs project management

The quest for “project” As many people have pointed out before, emacs does not come with any packages for managing software projects. It comes with almost all of the parts you would need – debugger support, compilation modes, etc. – but it doesn’t come bundled with any way to tie a bunch of files together […]


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